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Alabama Business Privilege Tax and Corporate Share Tax

If you have received a Business Privilege Tax Delinquency Notice, visit our Business Privilege Tax Delinquency Notices Page to obtain more information.
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  • Certificate of Good Standing - Effective October 1, 2015,  Act 2015-382 eliminates the Certificate of Good Standing, which provided taxpayers and other third parties, with a need to know, the ability to determine whether an entity qualified to do business in Alabama is in compliance with the Business Privilege Tax requirements, as administered by the Alabama Department of Revenue. This act further requires the Department of Revenue to establish a process where those requiring assurance about an entity's compliance have the ability to request a Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate of Compliance provides assurance that, as of the time of request, the entity for which the request was made is in compliance with all state taxes administered by the Department of Revenue. Certificates of Compliance must be requested online. Click here to request a Certificate of Compliance.